Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing really new; Some funny Hitchock quotes I found watching some interviews @ youtube + a bonus 1 from Groucho Marx from the same subject:

1. Maestro Hitch: I never said actors where like cattle I said they shoud be treated like cattle

Q: Watching your cameos, would you consider the possibility of acting?

2.H: Never so low

3. Actors are necessary evils from our industry. But I think Walt Disney has the right idea about actors. If he doesn´t like them he tears them apart.

In your most recent movie, the majority of the actors are birds. Tell us, Mr Hitchcock, what technology did you use to control all of them?

4. (...) Bird seed...

Besides self motivation, what´s the mayor purpose that drives your pictures?

5. (...) money

...and he´s not in the army you know...


6. General Izing

"What´s my Line?" T.V. Show: (people are blindfolded and have to figure out who the famous voice is): Are you a gentleman?

7.(...) sometimes.

8. I did a movie some years ago called Psycho...

9.Television is like the great american toaster. You press a button and the same thing goes up.

10.When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say: It's in the script. If he says: But what's my motivation? I say: Your salary.

It´s easy to say something dirty and get a laugh, everybody can do that. But to say something clean and recieve a laugh... for that it is required a comedian. (Groucho Marx)


  1. Realmente buenas estas citas, que confirman su fama de insportable. Y claro, para cerrar nada menos que Marx (el otro, jeje.)

    Por cierto, en La Casa de Asterión había recopilado una buena cantidad de citas de Groucho.

    Bien, venía a conocer, a dar una vuelta y a saludar.

  2. Saludos de vuelta Asterión, simplemente dos grandes. Ya me daré una vueltica para ver las citas d Groucho en La Casa ;)