Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fortress of the Pearl

"This was a court whose energies were not devoted to maintaining itself unchanged for eternity, but to every kind of new idea and lively, humane discussion, which welcomed fresh thought not as a threat to its existence but as a very necessity to its continued well-being, whose wealth was devoted to experiment in the arts and sciences, to supporting those who were needy, to aiding thinkers and scholars. The Bright Empire´s brightness would come no longer from the glow of putrefaction but from the light of reason and good will.
    This was Elric´s dream, more coherent now than it had ever been. This was his dream and it was why he traveled the world, why he refused the power which was his, why he risked his life, his mind, his love and everything else he valued, for he believed that there was no life worth living that was not risked in pursuit of knowledge and justice. And this was why his fellow countrymen feared him. Justice was not obtained, he believed, by administration but by experience. One must give up power if one was to achieve true justice. This was not the logic of the Empire, but it was the logic of one who truly loved the world and desired to see an age dawn when all the people would be free to pursue their ambitions in dignitiy and self-respect."

Maticé. Cuando Elric habla de Justicia se refiere al derecho a estar por encima de los demás (él era rey). Que el reino de Melniboné es un reino decadente y queda en zapote  no me recuerda ningún lugar porque es de un libro de fantasía.

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