Saturday, January 12, 2013

Huxley about life and women

"If I am to be remembered at all I would rather it should be as "a man who did his best to help the people" that by any other title."

-Amiguillo de Darwin que solo tuvo de educación 2 años de escuela pero que aún así se convirtió en profesor de ciencia. --> Persona interesante.

"Girls have been educated either to be drudges or toys, beneath men; or a sort of angels above him...
The possibility... that women are meant... to be men's comrades, their fellows, and their equals, so far as Nature puts no bar on that equality, does not seem to have entered into the minds of those who have had the conduct of the education of girls." "Their hair will not curl less gracefully outside the head by reason of there being no brains within."

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