Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"All he could do now was to try to return to Geneva, however remote the possibility. How strange, to think that the whole of Europe, with all its seriously taken problems, was nothing more than a chance coming-together of random particles! But at least it was home-even if it only existed for a few seconds.
And if he could only rejoin those few seconds, he thought in agonized joyousness, he would be dissolved along with the rest of it and be released from this hideous extension of life he had escaped into. "

-Flux, que se acaba de convertir en una de mis novelas favoritas. (Es una novela sobre un tipo que lo mandan en una máquina del tiempo a arreglar una crisis europea pero se pierde.)

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  1. Lo primero-primero me recordó a Frankenstein. No sé por qué.